David Crosby [Book]

DAVID CROSBY by Jeffery Parrish © 2017

A collection of candid photographs taken on the cusp of David Crosby’s 75th year. A time of fresh direction, prolific creativity, new artistic collaborations and most important of all, happiness.

Artist Statement

“DAVID CROSBY” is a candid portrait of the person, the artist, the out-spoken activist captured on stage, back stage, at sound check and at home with wife, Jan, and a host of family and friends.  The images span the period of a few months before and after David’s 75th birthday on August 14, 2016, and the weekend of the birthday celebration. Locations include Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez, Pescadero, CA, Danville, KY, Nashville, TN and Alexandria, VA. The theme portrayed in these photographs is not the result of any plan. Please allow yourself to be profoundly inspired by a forward-looking 75 year old artist who works every day, not in search of happiness, but because of it.

Excerpt from David Crosby Speaks by Ryan Leas 10/12/2016:

STEREOGUM: This has been a pretty fertile, prolific phase of your career, and you’re in your mid-seventies. How does that come about? Is it like a flood of inspiration, or is it just a matter of finding the right people to write with?

CROSBY: I can’t figure it out. I do not have a nice, fluid answer for you. I’m happy. That’s, I think, what’s going on. I think it’s as simple as that. I’m happy with my family, I’m very happy with my life, and I’m very happy with music. I think that has to do with me doing as well as I’m doing…if that’s all it is, there couldn’t be a better reason.

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