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CPR: Just Like Gravity Remastered [CD]

1998 saw the release of CPR’s self-titled debut. This was a new band with David Crosby joined by noted session guitarist Jeff Pevar and Crosby’s recently reunited son James Raymond.  The trio crafted smart, heady, jazz-indebted rock that showcased their stunning harmonies. They followed that three years later with 2001’s Just Like Gravity, an album that refined the burgeoning trio’s sound.

"CPR was me realizing that the world of CSN and Y was getting old and stuck in its place and that I needed to still keep moving," says Crosby. "That I had more and different music in me that needed room to grow and stretch. CPR was me finding my son James and realizing pretty quickly that he was an even better musician that I was, and that he was rapidly becoming the best writing partner I’d ever had. CPR was a wonderful chemistry that has now become the Sky Trails band. I don’t think very many people heard these records, and I do think that they are some of the best work I’ve been involved with. Enjoy." 

Remastered and with new liner notes by Steve Silberman, these two studio albums are re issued and made widely available for the first time on BMG.

As Silberman says in the liner notes for the Just Like Gravity reissue, “CPR and Just Like Gravity were two of the most powerful and personal records Crosby made in his celebrated career, but they flew under most critics’ radar and quickly went out of print.

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